EarthAngels Nurse Box - The EANbox

Sale price Price $85.00 Regular price $130.00

The EarthAngels Nurse Box or EANbox - Seasonal subscribers pay $85/box.  Seasonal subscribers will receive the EANbox once per season (Sept/Dec/Mar/Jun) and pay one box at a time however this is a recurring subscription.  Your credit card will be charged $85 on the 21st of (Aug/Nov/Feb/May).  Your subscription automatically renews each season unless you decide to cancel before that seasons renewal period as indicated above. 

The EarthAngels Nurse Box or EANbox - Annual subscribers pay $80/box.  Annual subscribers will receive the EANbox 4 times/year (Sept/Dec/Mar/Jun) at a discounted rate of $5 off/box, saving $20 on your annual subscription.  You will be charged $320 upfront for the year plus shipping.  The nice thing is you pay once and receive boxes all year round!  Annual subscribers receive priority shipping, meaning their boxes will be shipped out first each season.  But the BEST thing about being an annual subscriber is you get to CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOXES!  Each season you will get the choice of a few products enabling you to choose which scent, color, pattern or flavor you like best.  Your subscription automatically renews the following year unless you decide to cancel before the annual renewal period (which is the anniversary of your previous purchase date). 

At this time, the EANbox is currently shipping to Canada and the US only.  A flat rate of $17 will be charged for Canadian and US subscribers/box.