QlickSmart SnapIT Ampoule Opener

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One in three healthcare workers has experienced a cut when opening a glass ampoule by hand. Regrettably, many users and clinical administrators have underestimated the likelihood of these injuries.  The Qlicksmart SnapIT Ampoule Opener protects the user from injury if the ampoule has a cut edge or shatters while opening it.  Simply place the SnapIT ampoule opener on top of the ampoule and snap it.  The top of the ampoule stays inside the opener and you can safely inject it into the sharps container.  Genius!  

Attach it to a lanyard or ID badge or keep it in your pocket.  Created by an RN in Australia, this product is exclusive and not something you will find everyday.  Grab yours before they are gone!  Available colors right now: Purple and Metalic Grey.

Contact EarthAngels before placing a SnapIT Ampoule Opener order at contactus@ourearthangels.ca or 780-932-5534.