About EarthAngels



Hi, my name is Jen Brunet.  I am the owner of EarthAngels.  I am a mom, wife, nurse and entrepreneur here in the Ottawa Valley.  Althougth I have been in the industry for a short time I have had nursing and the medical field in my blood for many years.  I stumbled upon the world of subscription boxes in early 2017 and quickly realized this is something the healthcare community could not only benefit from but desparatley needed.  I realized that I could bring something essential to the healthcare field. I could deliver a selection of carefully curated goods that is specific to a healthcare professional's needs.  A wicked handcream or foot balm, a headache rollerball, tension and muscle relief, something to clear the mind, practical tools and accessories that you will use at work.  The healthcare industry leaves its workers drained, exhausted and a bit beaten up to say the least.  We all need a little escape, a reminder to care for ourselves and a chance to heal.  The EANbox offers a little release from the fabulous but difficult work we do.  I hope you find a little solice, excitement and practicality in the EANbox.  I guess it's just the nurse in me wanting to take care of you.  I sincerely hope you enjoy!  

xo, Jen B.  


The story continues ....  I have decided to expand my business to include gifts for first responders.  Nurses, doctors, paramedics, police and fire have always shared a close link due to the nature of our jobs and how they intertwine.  With this in mind I have decided to start expanding my offerings to first include the EarthAngels Medic Box.  Join our email list and stay tuned for some exciting things to come!!